Thursday, July 31, 2014


14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, and Animals against Israel’


Taking Back Calgary From the Jew Hating, Pro-Hamas Thugs

Dear Laura, today I am writing you to ask for your opinion. [I refer to] Sara Bernamoff, a beautiful young Jewish girl, who was hit in the head and face and kicked when she was on the ground. This happened in Calgary at a Pro Palestine rally. I am extremely upset and every time I see her face I want to cry. This cannot happen again in Calgary.
“This what I thought I would do. I would like to make a sign which reads CALGARIANS LOVE AND PROTECT OUR JEWS.
“Then I want to wear a small crucifix and walk back and forth in front of Calgary City Hall.
“I am sixty-eight, a white Catholic Canadian and I am very aware that I am putting myself in danger. But I still want to do it.
“In the past I have not done anything, because in truth I am afraid of what some Muslim would do.
“But now it is time for me to something.
“Our Canada is changing.””We have to have courage today, we have no other choice.
“May G-d Bless and Keep you Laura”
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