Saturday, June 28, 2014



  • Men's rights group excluded from Toronto Pride parade

    Time to clean up Pride parade

    Why are gay people allowed to hold a public parade showing what should be going on in the privacy of their bedroom? Is it really alright to prance about naked in the street wearing only a black leather thong and whip, leering suggestively with tongues licking lips at young children waving the Canadian flag?
    If we heterosexuals held a parade, I can guarantee that there would be quite a few raised eyebrows when my float passed by, but out of respect to my fellow Canadians this “aspect” of our life was restricted to the bedroom.
    Be gay, by all means, but the parade has passed all sense of respectability. It’s time to clean it up.

    Will SUGAR BEACH replace the St. Charles....

     Sugar Beach pink umbrellas deconstructed

    Whimsical and durable, Sugar Beach’s pink umbrellas are being called functional art, attracting the public and investors to Toronto’s waterfront. It was coupled into ARTS/ you piss on and the other you piss in.


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