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Lavish First Nations subsidies promote fanciful thinking

lorne gunter
By ,QMI Agency
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Here’s a proposal for dealing with First Nations’ objections to resource development (and projects such as pipelines) on land they claim is theirs by tradition: Let’s have the federal government cut off annual subsidies to reserve governments.

That way, First Nations would have to decide whether or not to allow development based on the same criterion the rest of Canadians use to decide their financial priorities. Can we afford to? Can we afford not to?Without the billions in tax dollars annually showered on First Nations, chiefs and councillors would have to choose with their heads rather than their sentimental hearts.

IMHO another example of where our largesse DOESN'T reach those for who it was intended.... 

This is similar to my argument that Quebec should lose much of its annual equalization subsidy.
The Quebec government makes foolish fiscal choices all the time because it can. It doesn’t have to own up to its own poor judgment because it can count on Ottawa’s billions year after year.


 National Aboriginal Day

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