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A Conservative government for Ontario

We believe Mr. Hudak is the principled, competent, strong-willed and compassionate fiscal conservative Ontario needs

Hudak visits site of cancelled Mississauga gas plant

By ,Queen's Park Bureau Chief

End the scandals and vote PC

By ,QMI Agency
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Tim Hudak

With just four more days to go, voters have a choice.

You can continue with endless scandals and millions of dollars siphoned out of your pay packets into the pockets of well-fed Liberal insiders.

Or you can call an end to all this and vote for Tim Hudak.

Anyone seriously thinking of giving this bunch of Liberal scoundrels a third chance to wreak havoc on the province’s economy is like an enabler to an alcoholic. They’re just fuelling more rip-offs like Ornge, more scandals like eHealth. More gas plants.

More of the outrageous behaviour that’s brought anger and cynicism about a system. Abused taxpayers watched helplessly as this government quietly fleeced every last buck out of their pockets.

Their Liberal buddies got rich on fat cat deals and lucrative contracts. They’ve given away the store to bloated public sector unions that contributed to Liberal campaigns.

And taxpayers have been left holding the bag.

We endorse Hudak, for Ontario

tim hudak

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