Thursday, April 24, 2014

AIR FARCE DEFINED "ART & CRAFTS" DECADES AGO... you piss In and the other you piss ON!

A Talent to be Reckoned With

Further to Saskatoon's latest adventure in publicly-funded art, here's a little background on the artist, a Ms Keeley Haftner.

Ms Haftner has at least, albeit inadvertently, captured the ethos of so much "public" art, which is to say, socialised art in which the public has no say, and the mindset of the people it very often attracts. What with beauty being so "problematic" and, perhaps more to the point, difficult to achieve by people whose self-regard outstrips their ability to a comical degree. And so the good people of Saskatoon will get what they're given. By people who know best. It's the egalitarian way.
As you'll see, Ms Haftner's previous efforts are no less colossal in their scope and profundity.

Defund The Arts

All of it. All of them. Yesterday.

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