Tuesday, April 29, 2014

HOW MANY VOTES...on the campaign trail!

Olivia Chow meets with, is endorsed by a ranting racist and homophobe — but somehow gets a pass

Matt Gurney: If this was Rob Ford, people would demanding to know how he can associate with someone like The Iron Sheik. Chow seems to get a pass though 

'I’m not even a car person': John Tory visits auto-body shop to tout programs helping young people find jobs

Chairman Chow Loses Sheik, Campaign Risks Unprotected Smitherman Endorsement

 Olivia Chow apologizes, says she wasn't endorsing Iron Sheik

You can bet Smitherman is anxious to get his face back in the public trough should Olivia win.

Olivia Chow has the douchebag vote sewn up... George Smitherman

This election is even more important than the one in 2010 because we all know the risk. I mean that. I don’t want my city known around the world for all the wrong reasons. And I really don’t want my kids growing up in a city where I wouldn't let the mayor babysit them!

We can’t have another four years of Rob Ford. And there’s only one person who can stop him.

But he’s not going to go away without a fight. He’ll try to outspend everyone, even if that means ‘stretching’ the rules like last time.

Don’t let him win the financial fight. Click here and give today to help Olivia become the mayor our city deserves.


George Smitherman


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