Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Andrew Coyne: Tim Hudak hoping commitment to a plan can lead him to power

His platform's value is the broad direction it indicates. And the direction is exactly what this over-indebted, over-taxed, over-governed province...

Libs keep getting nastier on campaign trail

By ,QMI Agency
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Just when you thought the Liberal election campaign couldn’t get nastier, it does.
I thought they’d hit bottom with Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne’s photo-op in Walkerton last week and her assertion that, “cuts have consequences.”
The conclusion we’re supposed to draw is that Tim Hudak and the PCs will slash and burn and children will die.
It’s a revolting way to run a campaign. But it works, so why not?
It shows how desperate the Liberals are.
Another sign was a tweet sent out by a Liberal backroom type Monday that included a link to a story I wrote more than a year ago, quoting Hudak musing about Doug Ford running for the PCs.
I replied, saying when you tweet year-old stories, it might be an idea to put them in context.

The two faces of Wynne

Adrienne Batra
By ,Toronto Sun
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Premier Kathleen Wynne at a campaign stop in Walkerton Thursday. (PATRICK BALES/QMI Agency) “Even when it gets hard, even when the real campaign battle begins—when it can be hard to resist old style politics —we are going to show people that there is another way to do politics … the people of Ontario don’t want that negativity, and I hear that over and over again”.
Those were the words of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne just a few months ago when she vowed to run her campaign on issues such as raising taxes and tolls to pay for public transit.
But raising fees and taxes aren’t the only things Wynne has backed away from now that the Ontario election is underway.

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