Friday, May 23, 2014


Parallel world watch: Oscar goes to best Muslim achievers 

WASHINGTON – Celebrating the achievements of Muslims throughout the US, Muslim Oscars will be held later this month to celebrate shinning role models of American Muslim citizens who reflect the true-image of Islam.

“All too often, the media is filled with reports of tragedy and concern about those who practice Islam. Yet nearly invisible, are stories of how Muslims in America and around the globe contribute to society,” Talib I. Karim, a Washington DC lawyer and chairman of the Academy of Muslim Achievement, said in statement cited by PRWEB on Thursday, May 22.

The Golden Minaret Awards 2014, Muslim Oscar-like Awards, is scheduled to be held on Saturday, May 31, to honor successful Muslim leaders from various fields.
Since the 9/11 attacks, US Muslims, estimated between 6-8 million, have complained of discrimination and stereotypes in the society because of their Islamic attires or identities.

A US survey has revealed that the majority of Americans know very little about Muslims and their faith.

A Gallup poll also found that the majority of US Muslims are patriot and loyal to their country and are optimistic about their future.

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