Thursday, May 29, 2014

YOU WON'T NEED SUN GLASSES... look at Ontario's future!

Fiscal sanity not extremist

It's simply incorrect to label Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Party as a band of extremists. Or, for that matter, any other political party that's interested in improving the fiscal condition of their region.

But in response to my latest column headlined "Wynne support dumbfounding," that's just what many readers wrote via e-mail and social media.
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Kathleen Wynne leaves door open to coalition government in Ontario election

Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne is leaving the door open to forming a coalition government in order to stay in power.

“I am not ruling out anything . . . I have demonstrated how I can work in a minority parliament,” Wynne told reporters Wednesday after visiting a full-day kindergarten class at St. Julia Billiart Catholic Elementary School in Markham.

“That’s how I would continue to work in a minority parliament if that is what the people of Ontario decide,” Wynne said referring to the June 12 provincial election.

Oh Lord please spare us this fate...

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