Monday, May 26, 2014

HRC Operatives Don't Wear ID Badges...

HRC - Human Rights Commissions 

...but usually they are sitting quietly in the corner of your local "Timmies," et al?

This Is Not Your Grandma's Humane Society

One man's basketball team is another man's Basset Hound;
I'm not bothered that people say idiotic things; I'm bothered that individuals are losing their jobs or having something they own taken away from them because their opinion rubs against the grain. In my view, Sterling is a jerk, but being a jerk isn't a felony, nor is it a crime that demands his property be confiscated. As dog fanciers and purebred dogs owners, we should be very concerned about these reactions. We above all people should defend the rights of our fellow citizens to be stupid, ignorant, or hold viewpoints at odds with society because we very well could be targeted next.
Wait. We already are.

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