Friday, August 01, 2014


Ron Giesbrecht
Kwikwetlem Chief Ron Giesbrecht. (

B.C. First Nation chief paid nearly $1M last year

A B.C. First Nation chief who represents 81 members was paid nearly $1 million tax-free last year.
New salary disclosures posted online this week show Chief Ron Giesbrecht of Kwikwetlem First Nation in Coquitlam was paid $914,219 plus $16,574 in expenses for the fiscal year ended March 31.
Under the Indian Act, income earned on a reserve by anyone with Indian status is exempt from income tax.
Kwikwetlem has a registered population of 81, according to Aboriginal Affairs Canada.
Its consolidated financial statements show $12.6 million in revenue and $7.3 million in expenditures for the same period - up from $2.77 million revenue and $2.48 million expenditures the previous fiscal.

B.C. First Nations chief defends $900,000 paycheque


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