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  Aug 1 2014 | New Democratic Youth of Canada | New Democratic Youth of Canada are demanding a fair approach be taken with the situation in Gaza and calling on government to uphold human rights and work to create lasting

Canadians Refuse to be Intimidated By Pro-Hamas Thugs

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First Stage Thinking of the NDP's Youth

Paula Krasiun-Winsel is a young woman in Regina and one of two co-chairs of Canada's Young New Democrats. Her Twitter feed reveals her to be very pro-Palestinian. It is unclear to what degree she was involved in writing this editorial from the "New Democratic Youth of Canada" but her views on Twitter seem to echo the same sentiments.

While one can charitably assume that Ms. Krasiun-Winsel's heart is in the right place, she appears to be very guilty of "First Stage Thinking", so emblematic of all Leftists. What she doesn't realize now, and probably never will, is that her views will ensure that fighting between Israeli and Hamas goes on forever. Douglas Murray, columnist for The Spectator, explains why in this podcast discussion with James Delingpole.

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