Sunday, August 03, 2014


A Preview of Toronto's Mayoral Election Campaign

Mark October 27th on your calendar. It's the date of the 2014 Toronto Mayoral Election. The next 86 days leading up to this will provide a textbook example of how a cabal of Left-of-Centre latte sipping talking heads in the Media Party will say anything in an attempt to destroy Rob Ford. Facts won't matter. Fairness won't matter. The only thing that's relevant to these ideologues is to push over the finish line one of their "tax" or "tax even more" candidates.
Case in point is one Edward Keenan, who recently wrote this:
"Is he shameless, or ignorant?"

Well, that's the question once you disregard the carnival funhouse of mayoral misfortune. When you gaze upon the profound lunacy of the crack smoking on video and the police investigation and the blitz tackling of a fellow councillor and the bragging about the all-you-can-eat buffet of marital bliss in his home, and so on and so forth, the only sane question to ask is: What! The! Hell!?!
But if you put those sideshows aside, and focus on his "record" as he's always asking us to do, then you're left to ponder either the soaring heights of his shameless dishonesty or the bedrock-cracking depths of his ignorance.
Keenan is a columnist, not a reporter, so he can opine in any way he wishes. However, given how the proverbial heads of these media pundits are likely to explode should Ford be victorious again, that should be sufficient reason alone for many Torontonians to vote for him!
Lest anyone has forgotten, here is one of the "star" candidates of the Toronto Media Party.

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