Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Spitting, Fornication, and Accounting 101

Eden Robinson, writing in The Globe and Mail:

The First Nations Financial Transparency Act insulted the integrity of the very people in our communities who guide our economic policy and act as our mediators with provincial and federal governments. Every single chief councilor and band councillor up and down the coast was publicly forced last week to prove they aren't liars and cheats. In the potlatch culture, that's the equivalent of spitting in the communal dish then demanding to sleep with the chief's daughter.
Hmm. In white-man culture, hiding taxpayers' money is the equivalent of larceny and fraud. Perhaps we can find the middle grou...

I'm not familiar with the many aspects of federal negotiation tactics, but let me assure you, this act makes building any pipeline or promising to send tankers through our territories much, much harder.
There's the middle ground.


FORKED TONGUE must be heriditary...
In an interview with the Vancouver Sun earlier this week, Trudeau mused that a Liberal government would repeal the First Nations Financial Transparency Act, the new law that requires First Nations to post their audited financial statements online or risk losing government funding. The Liberal leader said the bill reflected a "lack of respect for First Nations" and was being used by the Conservatives as a weapon against critics.
The law came into effect at the end of July. About half of the 600 First Nations communities affected by the law have yet to post their reports.
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