Monday, August 04, 2014


StopARocket raised 20% of its goal in just its first 24 hours is an ingenious (Canadian!) campaign:

According to one CNN report, each Iron Dome anti-missile costs about US$62,000. What would happen if hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of people around the world chipped in a few dollars here and there, and then we sent a cheque to the Government of Israel to buy more Iron Dome anti-missiles? Of course, we couldn't actually buy an Iron Dome anti-missile. But we could donate the exact amount of money to the Israeli government, and ask them to put it towards that defensive system, or any other civilian defence project in affected parts of Israel.
It wouldn't be for an offensive weapon. You can't use the Iron Dome to attack anyone. It's 100% defensive -- like a bulletproof vest. It only saves lives. And it doesn't discriminate -- it protects Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israelis all the same.

Let's do it -- let's crowd fund this project, to save lives!

Even if you can't afford to give, you can help by passing the information to your friends.
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