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...there is no room back there as liberal "supporters" are still savoring 9 years of McGoontyVaseline Pie.

Wynne's in the red

Ontario’s $12.5 billion deficit is almost double that of the federal government and the provinces — combined.

By , Toronto Sun
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It’s not until you do the math that you realize what a black hole Ontario’s finances have fallen down under the Dalton McGuinty/Kathleen Wynne Liberal government.
Ontario’s deficit for this fiscal year (2014-2015) is projected at $12.5 billion..

While that’s probably inflated because finance ministers typically lowball revenues and highball expenses at the start of each fiscal year, it still dwarfs all other government deficits in the country — federal and provincial — combined.

The estimated federal deficit for 2014-2015 is $2.9 billion.
For Quebec, it’s $2.35 billion; Newfoundland $538 million; Manitoba $357 million; New Brunswick $391 million; Nova Scotia $279 million; P.E.I. $39.7 million.

Meanwhile, three provinces are predicting surpluses for this year: Alberta at $2.6 billion; B.C. $184 million; Saskatchewan $71.4 million.

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