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freedom of speech

the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to the laws against libel, incitement to violence or rebellion, etc.

Freedom of speech for all - on the left

By ,QMI Agency
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Last week on The Arena on Sun News, I interviewed David and Jason Benham, the brothers who were about to begin their own show on HGTV called Flip It Forward.

The network cancelled the show, set to air later this year, after a website called Right Wing Watch revealed the brothers were evangelicals and opposed same-sex marriage and abortion.

This, of course, came after the Duck Dynasty affair and after Mozilla had Brendan Eich, inventor of Javascript, because he dared to donate some money to a campaign opposing same-sex marriage.

Just a few days ago, football player Michael Sam rather ostentatiously kissed his male partner after being drafted for the NFL — with various cameras rolling — and Calgary Stampeders’ Maurice Price tweeted his objections.

While he wished Sam only well, he continued, he believed in “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam.”

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