Monday, May 19, 2014


The "W" Word

Rex Murphy;
Could there be a better definition of racism, a better example of a purely racist concept, than this, the holding that all a person does and is springs from the colour of his skin?

The entire notion is called "white privilege." In our moderns seats of learning, with their skyrocketing tuition rates, and celebrity professors, do they ever test an idea? Do they ever ask the questions that even a 10-year-old would ask about this concept of "white privilege?"

Do they ask: What part of the great DNA chain, specifically, houses the gene for white privilege? How does skin colour and privilege interlink, and why does privilege always follow only one skin colour? Do individuals always and only reflect the characteristics of their skin-colour group? Do "whites" have any qualities or achievements at all that do not spring only from their skin colour?
It reminds me of an amusing debate that took place some years ago in the comments of the great Cjunk blog - in which John "Dr. Dawg" Baglow argued that a) there is no such thing as "race", and b) whites are inherently racist.

h/t Gord Tulk

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